by Harry Miskelly


With everybody updating to PEX plumbing pipes, battery operated crimping tools are now essential. The issue with these crimping tools up to now, is that if you want to use to them to crimp copper press fittings, you have had to use Australian/UK sized pipework which isn’t easily compatible with New Zealand systems. In addition, crimping tools are all specific to the brand.


Recently, Rothenberger has teamed up with Conex Banninger to create special jaws and fittings for the New Zealand market. In my opinion, this is a game changer.


Over the last two months, I have been using the Rothenberger TT compact which I am very happy with. I can not only crimp PEX but also connect on to any copper pipework in New Zealand.


Benefits for my new build customers and those customers looking to renovate kitchen and bathrooms include:


·       Faster turn around times so savings on overall cost

·       No naked flames so reduced fire hazards

·       25 year manufacturer warranty




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