by Harry Miskelly


With gas on the way out and the cost of living going up, people are starting to look for more eco-efficient water heating options. Hot water cylinder manufacturers such as Stiebel Eltron and Ecospring are turning towards heat pump hot water cylinders which claim to be 2-3 times more efficient than conventional hot water cylinders.


Essentially, these are hot water cylinders with a heat pump unit built into the top. The majority of the models are installed externally to the building, freeing up space inside.


Over the past 12 months, I have installed many of these systems which use the same valves and pipework as conventional cylinders making the install cost almost identical.


Although these cylinders take longer to heat up and are a bit pricier upfront (being almost twice the price as a conventional cylinder), they are definitely worth the investment. I recommend these for new builds and anyone looking to upgrade or replace their existing cylinders. With the savings in efficiency, the cylinder will eventually pay for itself.


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Stiebel eltron Heat pump hot water cylinder

Stiebel eltron Heat pump hot water cylinder

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